Coworking Seats: Collaboration and cooperation are the keys to innovation.  A culture that thrives on cooperation and not competitions nurtures healthy and meaningful interactions.

Virtual Space: As much as we would want you to #LiveLife at CoNexus, we understand if working alone on a bed in your boxers is your style. With our virtual space, you can be in your own zone while we take care of everything else.

Meeting Rooms: We believe that working in an open space that allows you the comfort zone you require is empowering. At CoNexus Life, we don’t believe in more people, but more ideas. Make the meeting room your zone when your team has to brainstorm that revolutionary idea you’ve been waiting for!

Co-living Spaces: What’s better than an office that feels like home? A home that’s right where your office is! Work. Life. Living. We’ve got it all covered.

Recreation Facilities: We are a workplace with a soul, and what’s a soul without fun and play? We have loads of recreational facilities for you to calm your mind when the workload gets to your nerve — Yoga & Meditation sessions, sports like cricket, volleyball, TT, XBox(with a bunch of cool games), and a smoking zone(but why smoke when you have all the other things to keep you busy?)

Conexian Getaways: Everyone needs a breather from work life eventually! While we already close to nature, we plan to take you even closer with quarterly getaways to the Himalayas where we just #LiveLife!

Food: If you’re a foodie, this should be enough to make you check us out! We have a healthy-food association to ensure that not only your soul but your body stays healthy too. For the hoggers, we have an affordable cafe for all your food cravings!

Perks of Being A CoNexian

Prime Location

500 metres from Huda City Centre Metro Station

Next to Hauz Chaud of Gurgaon, Sector 29

Walking Distance From NH

Super-Fast Internet

On-the-House Printer

Customised Plans


We’d Love to See You

Work. Connect. Play. But most importantly, #LiveLife. Book your free trial for 3 days with us and experience what a workspace with a soul feels like!

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