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As working professionals, we have all been through situations when our offices start to seem mundane leaving us devoid of any inspiration. Things like Work-life balance begin to bother us making us drift away from work. We aim to bridge this gap and blur the lines between life and work by making life more productive and work more fun. All we want is a conducive space to be in the mind-frame that creates and curates brilliance. We aim to be the best versions of ourselves and we have our own ways of doing so. At CoNexus Life, we seek to provide you with an avenue where you don’t approach innovation; innovation approaches you.


Our Approach: “Think Hatke”

We believe that brilliance comes naturally when you are closer to nature. While coworking spaces are filled with quotes and tech that would make you want to work 24 hours a day, our approach revolves around helping you get the creative best out of you through relaxation and recreation. We allow you to focus on what do best because we will support you with everything else, including Marketing, Finance, IT, HR. We are a green space with a lot of organic beauty inside the office so that nature’s positive vibes can inspire you while you’re doing something that defines you – work. Our aim is for you to define your own work and your own inspiration for it!

We are a Workplace with a soul!

Meet the Team


Jatin Tagra

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Jatin has spent a lot of his adult life around businesses, analyzing the difficulties in operating them. With CoNexus Life, he wants to ensure that innovative entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about anything other than following their passion. His mantra for CoNexus?

Focus on your business; rest is on us!


Shilpi Bhatia

Shilpi happens to be the ideal blend of ambition and calmness. Driven, optimistic, passionate, and curious are the words to fit her personality! But more than that, she’s an ardent nature lover. Having seen how nature could affect us so positively, she decided that CoNexus Life would be a space close to nature; with its own soul! She believes in a greener, humane, and gender-neutral world!

Cooper Tagra

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